CBD Stories from around the state

Our business is entirely based on sharing & educating our community on this powerful plant based product, so without it there is no business & no resources to support the people we employ. Additionally, we have cultivated quite a far reaching community from our business & hear success stories every. single. day. that range from business men finding better stress & sleep management supplementing with CBD to migraine sufferers who are able to start to piece together a “regular” life to parents who have had major breakthroughs with children on the spectrum to older couples able to explore the world again with less discomfort from arthritis to cancer fighters finding relief & hope as they learn more about CBD. We are CBD & without our ability to provide public access to hemp derived CBD, we no longer have a business, a way to support our staff, & most importantly, we lose the ability to share this safe, natural supplement with people who seem to truly benefit from it.
— Columbus, OH

Hemp CBD Oil has helped my son kick his opioid addiction..I am afraid what will happen to him if he is not able to buy it anymore.
— Toledo, OH

My uncle has Lupus nephrogenic systemic fibrosis and foot drop. With my family being extremely skeptical about CBD I bought some at my local health store...He’s been taking it for a week and has already dropped his dose of pain pills by 2 a day, is able to brush his own teeth and his smiling for the first time for what feels like 2 years. It’s seriously a miracle.
— Stephanie, Cleveland

My dying 4 year old, is in the last few weeks of life...and CBD oil is the only thing that is giving her relief.
— Mom, Avon

CBD saved our business...we were struggling to make ends meet, once we started carrying hemp CBD oil, we have began turning a profit and have become a community leader.
— Columbus

I got 99 problems and CBD solved 86 of them
— Springfield

I have seen a significant reduction in opioid consumption since stores in our town have started carrying hemp CBD oil.
— Dayton