Official Ohio CBD Movement Press Release

Clean Remedies organizes efforts to save hemp based CBD sales in Ohio.

 Cleveland based CBD company, Clean Remedies, announces a coalition movement to   urge the state of Ohio to continue to allow hemp derived CBD products to be sold and purchased outside of the state’s medical marijuana program. 

This movement is in response to the Ohio Board of Pharmacy’s ill-advised memo sent out claiming that CBD, regardless if derived from hemp or marijuana, is illegal in the state of Ohio. 

A spokesperson from Clean Remedies said:
“We are proud to be a founding member of the Ohio CBD Movement Coalition. We feel this is an important movement to deliver meaningful legislative change to the state of Ohio so that the great people of Ohio have safe and lawful alternatives. ”

The memo has raised serious concerns and unrest throughout the consumer base in Ohio. Many are worried they will not be able to continue purchasing a product that they rely on as part of their daily routines. Thousands of small business owners fear that they may be forced to close their doors or lay off employees due to the potential loss of income generated from hemp based CBD sales. 

“Selling hemp CBD oil puts food on my table and shoes on my kids feet...I’m not sure how our business would survive without it.” - Small business owner in Canton, OH who wished to remain anonymous. 

Should the state enact enforcement guidelines regarding hemp based CBD products it could result in significant job loss, reduction in sales tax revenue and could fuel the state’s rising opioid epidemic. 

Criminal Defense Attorney, Ian Friedman, went on News 5 Cleveland to speak out against the Board of Pharmacy’s position claiming that “..They are on the wrong side of the law..” and that the medical marijuana laws offer no distinction between products made from hemp or marijuana therefore "It is not illegal, and therefore it should be able to be distributed around the country without regulation.” See the full interview here.

How you can participate in the Ohio CBD Movement:

  1. Sign the Petition - “Keep CBD Legal in Ohio” - click here
  2. Email your local representative - click here

3.   Share on social media and with friends