A movement to urge the State of Ohio to redefine industrial hemp laws and allow continued sale and possession of hemp based CBD products outside the state's medical marijuana program.


Why this is important:


Hundreds if not thousands of jobs are at risk


Our favorite CBD products could be gone


The state of Ohio is in violation of the 2014 Farm Bill

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy released a statement recently claiming CBD products are illegal to sell, buy and possess in the state of Ohio outside of the Medical Marijuana program, as "defined" by the Marijuana laws of Ohio. 

However we believe the state has this wrong, as their is no distinction in said law between CBD products derived from industrial hemp and CBD products derived from Marijuana.

Therefore we have created this movement to urge the state of Ohio to pass meaningful legislation to continue to allow CBD products derived from industrial hemp, containing less than 0.3% THC, to be legal outside of the state's Medical Marijuana program. 

News 5 Cleveland - Criminal Defense Attorney, Ian Friedman responds to Ohio Board of Pharmacy CBD Memo

Selling CBD puts food on my table and shoes on my kids feet...Iā€™m not sure how our business would survive without it..ā€
— Cincinnati , OH
Hemp CBD Oil has helped my son kick his opioid addiction..I am afraid what will happen to him if he is not able to buy it anymore.ā€
— Toledo, OH



Due Diligence

Below are federal bills that have passed regarding industrial hemp products such as CBD. These bills supersede the state of Ohio's "definition" of CBD as stated in the Ohio Board of Pharmacy's recent memo. We are confident they have the issue wrong and our goal is to urge them to pass legislative change to continue to allow CBD derived from hemp to be legal to buy, sell and possess in the state of Ohio.


2016 Spending Bill

Congress passed the Spending Bill provisions, expressly prohibiting the government from spending funds in contravention of the farm bill and thus, prhohibiting the DEA from interfering with interstate transportation of industrial hemp products that are in pursuant of the 2014 Farm Bill. 


2014 Farm Bill

Congress recognized that industrial hemp products derived from any part of the plant can be used for industrial purposes as long as the plant was cultivated to be below 0.3% THC concentration. Making CBD derived from industrial hemp federally legal.


2018 Farm Bill

The 2018 Farm Bill is set to go to vote in Congress in the coming weeks. Once this bill passes it will classify Hemp as a crop and create a legislative distinction between hemp and Marijuana.

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