What is CBD?

Are you only referring to CBD derived from Industrial Hemp?

Cannabidoil or CBD is a non-intoxicating component of the cannabis plant with enormous therapeutic potential.  CBD is one of more than 80 different cannabinoids.  It comes from the hemp plant. CBD does not alter our thoughts or perceptions.  It is non-psychoactive. 

Yes, we are only advocating for the laws to be adjusted to allow CBD products derived from industrial hemp plants, in accordance to the 2014 Farm Bill, to be legal within the state of Ohio, outside of the medial marijuana program.

Why did you start this movement?

We started this movement to help thousands of small businesses across the state of Ohio fight to keep their best selling CBD products on their shelves and available to their customers. If hemp based CBD products become illegal in the state of Ohio, many of these business owners could lose their way of livelihood, the negative impact on their surrounding communities could result in major financial loss, job loss and potential increase of the opioid epidemic.

What results do you hope this will bring?

We hope this movement will solicit meaningful change in regards to the state's definition and legality of industrial hemp based CBD products. We hope to see legislation passed that reflects the definition of industrial hemp products as noted in the 2014 Farm Bill, making the sale and possession of industrial hemp derived CBD products legal outside of the states medical marijuana program.

2 reasons:

1. The state of Ohio's medical marijuana program doesn't include any provisions regarding dispensaries carrying hemp products. There for you will not be able to purchase hemp based CBD product's in said dispensaries.

2. This will cause hundreds, if not thousands, of locally owned small businesses in the state of Ohio to close their doors. For many of these businesses hemp based CBD products are their best selling products. 

Why is this an issue if I can buy CBD in the Medical Marijuana Dispenceries?