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Ohio CBD Movement was put together in response to the recent Ohio Board of Pharmacy memo regarding the legality of CBD products in the state of Ohio. The state's laws regarding CBD are unclear as there is no distinction in the law between products derived from Hemp and products derived form Marijuana. We are urging the state of Ohio to revise their approach to CBD products and to adhere to the federal regulations regarding industrial hemp products, such as CBD, as stated in the 2014 Farm Bill. 

By emailing your local and state officials and signing the petition you are helping thousands of business across this great state we call home keep their lights on, doors open and food on their table. 

Help us make history in the state of Ohio and keep hemp derived CBD products available to all!

Founding Members:

We are proud to be a founding member of the Ohio CBD Movement Coalition. We feel this is an important movement to deliver meaningful legislative change to the state of Ohio so that the great people of Ohio have safe, organic and lawful alternatives.
— Clean Remedies CBD, Cleveland

Associate Members: